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Install the Lumicast player on Amazon FireTV Stick

Step-by-step guide for installing the Lumicast player on Amazon FireTV Stick

This guide will show you how to install the Lumicast Digital Signage player on the Amazon FireTV Stick. To be more specific, this guide has been made using the FireTV Stick 4K MAX.

Installation prerequisites

  • A physical display/screen with HDMI input
  • Power
  • Wi-Fi

FireTV Stick setup

  1. Plug the FireTV Stick in to the display and plug in the power of the stick;
  1. Follow all the steps in the setup, which are relatively straight forward;

Installing the Lumicast Digital Signage app

Go to the appstore: Find (🔍) > Appstore > Search. Then search for “Lumicast”. Scroll down a bit until you see the “Lumicast Digital Signage Player” in the category “APPS AND GAMES”. Select it and download.

Before you can keep your FireTV running 24/7, exit the Lumicast app and go to the settings:

Settings > Display & Sounds > Screensaver

Click on “Start Time” and set it to “Never”.

Then open up the Lumicast Digital Signage Player app again and connect to Lumicast as usual: click here.

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