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Why you should use a native player instead of the web player

Lumicast has native player applications for different platforms. Why should you use these?

Lumicast offers different ways to install the digital signage player per platform/operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux…). You can also open the player in the browser by going to - so why bother installing the specific player for your operating system?

On our downloads page you can find out which operating systems we support natively:

What benefits does the native player have over browser only?

  1. Autostart: if your players turn off at night because you turn off electricity, when no one is in the building, you want your player to run again when the electricity powers on. The native app is able to start when the player is on again and continue as it left off the day before;
  1. Remote reboot: the native player is able to send a signal to the device when you want it to reboot. This means that you can reboot your players from within Lumicast, completely remote;
  1. Better performance: the native app gives Lumicast more control over performance of the player, so this should lead to better playback;
  1. Reboot scheduling: some players tend to slow down in performance as they are on for consecutive days. Using a reboot schedule, you can tell the player to reboot the device for instance every night between 2:00 and 3:00 AM.

For these reasons, it is highly recommended to use a native player whenever possible for your player. See the downloads page for download & installation instructions of your player/operating system.

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