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Which native player should I install?

There are native players for different operating systems, which one to pick?

When setting up your digital signage with Lumicast, selecting the appropriate native player is crucial for optimal performance and compatibility (learn more about the why). Lumicast supports a range of operating systems to cater to diverse hardware preferences. Below, we outline each supported OS and provide examples of players utilizing these systems, helping you make an informed decision for your digital signage needs.


Overview: Windows is a versatile choice, suitable for a wide range of hardware options from desktop computers to dedicated signage players.

Ideal for: Users seeking flexibility with their hardware choices or those who have existing Windows-based systems.

Examples: Intel NUC, Dell OptiPlex


Overview: MacOS offers a stable and secure platform, typically used with Apple hardware such as Mac Mini or MacBooks in kiosk modes.

Ideal for: Premium installations where design and reliability are key priorities.

Examples: Mac Mini


Overview: Linux is known for its reliability and flexibility, often chosen for custom or embedded digital signage solutions.

Ideal for: Technical users looking for a customizable and cost-effective solution.

Examples: Raspberry Pi (with a Linux distribution), Intel NUC (running Ubuntu)

Raspberry Pi

Overview: The Raspberry Pi is a small, affordable computer capable of running various Linux distributions. It's perfect for simple, cost-effective digital signage.

Ideal for: Budget-conscious projects or where compact size is advantageous.

Examples: Raspberry Pi 3/4 running Raspbian

LG webOS

Overview: LG webOS is specifically designed for LG's smart displays, offering a streamlined and efficient platform for digital signage.

Ideal for: Installations using LG's commercial display products.

Examples: LG Smart Signage displays

Samsung Tizen

Overview: Samsung Tizen is tailored for Samsung's smart signage, providing a robust platform for enterprise-level digital signage solutions.

Ideal for: Deployments on Samsung's digital signage screens, where advanced features and integration are required.

Examples: Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSSP) displays


The choice of native player significantly impacts the efficiency and effectiveness of your Lumicast digital signage deployment. Consider the hardware available to you, the specific needs of your project, and the advantages each platform offers. Whether you prioritize flexibility, cost, or specific hardware integration, Lumicast supports a diverse range of options to suit your digital signage requirements.

For further assistance or to explore more about setting up your Lumicast digital signage, please visit our support center or contact our technical support team.

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