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Install the Lumicast Raspberry Pi AppImage (advanced)

Guide on how to download and install the Lumicast Player AppImage on a Raspberry Pi

If you want to create a custom installation for the Lumicast Player on the Raspberry Pi instead of using our preconfigured OS image, you can use the AppImage builds for Linux ARM.

Determine which AppImage build you need

Lumicast offers Linux AppImage builds for ARM64 and ARMv7l. The ARM64 build runs on 64-bit systems and the ARMv7l build runs on 32-bit systems.

  1. Open up a terminal window
  1. Enter uname -m
  1. This shows you either arm64 or armv7l, which tells you which AppImage you need.

Required dependencies

In order to run an AppImage on a Raspberry Pi, there are some required dependencies. These can be installed by running the following command: sudo apt install fuse libfuse2 zlib1g-dev.

Download and run the AppImage

  1. Go to and copy the correct download link (arm64 or armv7l).
  1. Open up a terminal window
  1. Run wget <download_url>, replacing <download_url> with the copied URL.
  1. Run chmod +x <filename>, replacing <filename> with the downloaded file’s name. This makes the AppImage executable.
  1. You can now run the AppImage by running ./<filename>. This will start the player and also create an autostart entry, which makes the player launch again on startup.
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