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Install the Lumicast player on Samsung Tizen SSP

Step-by-step guide for installing the Lumicast player on Tizen OS

This is the step-by-step guide on setting up your Lumicast digital signage solution with your Samsung Tizen displays.

Let's get started:

  1. Power on your Samsung Tizen display.
  1. Select your preferred language by pressing OK to continue.
  1. Set up your internet connection, either wireless or wired.
  1. Skip to the "Smart Signage Privacy Notice" by clicking on "Skip."
  1. On the "Installation Type" screen, choose "Basic Setup."
  1. Disable the Auto Power Off mode by selecting "Off" on the Auto Power Off screen (press OK to continue).
  1. For the "Play via" screen, select "Custom App" as your player type. Enter the following URL at the bottom:Β Remember to ensure that the 'h' in "http" is in lowercase. Press OK to proceed.
  1. Skip the "Connect to RM server" screen.
  1. Select the correct current time and date.
  1. Set your desired PIN. If left blank, the default PIN will be "000000."
  1. Click "Done" to finalize the setup.

Once the Lumicast app is installed, it will provide you with a unique six-digit activation code.


Issue: Error 7010 / Player appearing offline

These errors typically arise when there is a time discrepancy between your Player device and our servers.


  1. Check if the Date/Time settings are correctly configured. Navigate to System -> Time -> Clock Set.
  1. Verify the NTP (Network Time Protocol) settings in System -> Time -> NTP Settings.

If these settings are enabled but improperly configured, they can cause download issues or make the Player appear offline.

In such cases, you have two options: deactivate the NTP Settings OR manually configure them to match the correct Date/Time.

We hope this guide has been helpful in setting up Lumicast with your Samsung Tizen displays. Should you have any further questions or encounter additional issues, feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team. We're here to ensure your digital signage solution works flawlessly.

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