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What is a campaign and how to create one?

What can you achieve with a campaign?

A campaign in Lumicast is a way to run a set of content for a limited time across specific displays or playlists.

What can a campaign be used for?

  • Targeted promotional content: sponsors/advertisers content can be applied to certain displays or playlists for a specific time period
  • Events: announce events at the right locations
  • Public announcements: public health, safety or community information

Especially when you want to target specific displays or specific playlists, campaigns are a great solution. Otherwise you would need to add this content individually to all playlists and displays you want it to show on.

Schedule on playlists

When you schedule a campaign on playlists, the campaign gets merged into the playlist. In the targeted playlists, you will see the campaign as an item. You can change its position in the playlists by dragging it where you want it:

Campaign inside a playlist
Campaign inside a playlist

Schedule on tags

When you schedule a campaign on display tags, existing content on the display will be merged with the campaign. This is what it means for the following scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: the display is showing a playlist
    • β†’ The campaign will be merged into the playlist. If your campaign has multiple items, one item will play during one loop of the playlist, then in the next loop the next campaign item will start playing and so on.

  • Scenario 2: the display is showing a single item, like an app or a media item
    • β†’ The display will make a playlist in the background, with 2 items: the single item you have on the display and the campaign. The single item will be shown as long as the duration you set for the campaign, after that the first item of the campaign will show, then the single item and then the next item of the campaign; and so on.

Create a campaign

Go to the β€œCampaigns” tab. If the campaign form is not already showing, click on β€œCreate new campaign” or click on the + at the right top to create a new campaign.

Enter a name for your campaign. This can be anything you recognise it by. Then select whether you want to schedule on playlists or tags (read above to find out the difference). Select playlists or tags you want to schedule on.

If you don’t have any playlists or display tags, you cannot create a campaign yet.

The last required step is to add a Duration (s). This will determine how long 1 item will be shown.

Other campaign settings

Placement: The merge placement will merge this campaign's content with the content that is already running on the display. Overrule will replace all content with just the content of this campaign. It will merge with other campaigns that have a placement of overrule.
Always running: if enabled, campaign will always be active
Schedule date: schedule the campaign by date
Schedule time: schedule the campaign by a time
Specify content settings: enforce only specific content to be able to be placed in this campaign
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