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How to use clustermode in Lumicast?

Some Lumicast apps allow you to distribute their content accross multiple displays. Find out how.

What is clustermode?

Clustermode allows you to make multiple displays work together in displaying an app’s data. Imagine you have a long list of appointments that do not fit on one display: clustermode allows you to distribute the appointments accross multiple displays, so your customers can see more appointments at once.

An example can be seen here:

Notion image

How to setup clustermode?

If you found a usecase for clustermode within an app in Lumicast, you need to perform some extra configuration before it starts working.

  1. Enable clustermode within the app you want to use;
    1. There might be more configuration steps related to clustermode within the app. Refer to the app guide if you don’t know what they mean.
  1. Configure the displays you want to use this app on;
    1. Go to β€˜Displays’ in Lumicast
    2. Click on β€˜Display information’
      1. Notion image
    3. Go to the β€˜Settings’ tab of the display
    4. Click on the β€˜+ Add’ button at Display metadata and select β€˜Display number’: enter the number of the display. If you have 5 displays, you could give the first display number 1.
      1. Notion image
    5. Press β€˜Save’ to save the change to the display.
    6. Β 

      Repeat the process for all the displays you want to show this app on. You have now setup your displays to work in cluster mode. All that is left is to make sure the app is selected to play on the display.

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