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How to manage and use API keys?

Create and manage API keys for your workspace

What can I use the API key for?

Please refer to our API docs to find out:

This is the same API that the Lumicast website uses, so you have full control of all features you give permission for with an API key.

Be careful who gets access to your API keys! Never give the key unnecessary permissions.

Creating an API key

Go to the β€œWorkspace” tab. Click on the β€œAPI Keys” tab inside this page. Click on the + button at the top right to create an API key.

Give the key a name and select the actions it should be able to do. Then hit β€œSave”. Copy the key that is shown, this is the API key and will be hidden afterwards.

How to use the API key?

The base url for the API is In your requests, you should authorize using the API key. Add a header to the request:

Authorization: Bearer <YOUR_API_KEY>
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