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Working with page animations

With page animations you can animate items into the page when the page appears

With page animations you can bring pages to life by animating items in. It can bring an exciting new dimension to existing pages.

Using page animations

First make a page or edit an existing page.

Adding an animation

Click on an item in a page. The following section will appear:

Notion image

Click on the β€œAdd animate in” button to add your animation. After doing so, you can customize the animation.

Notion image

There are different types of animations. When you changes the animation type, it will play the animation again in the page, so you can see what it looks like.

If you change other settings, like the duration or the delay, the animation will not instantly replay. If you want to see all animations in the page, you can always click the β€œPlay animation” button at the bottom of the screen:

Notion image

For more advanced use of the animation feature, you can also add initial values. This way you can combine multiple types of animations at once. For instance, if the animation type is set to β€œscale” and you set the initial values of opacity to 0, the item will fade and scale in.

Notion image

You can always reset these easily by clicking the β€œReset to default” button.

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