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How to work with apps in Lumicast?

What are app integrations in Lumicast and how do they work?

Apps add complex functionality to the Lumicast player, often bringing external data with it. Integrations include YouTube, LinkedIn, RSS feeds, Google Calendar and many more. These can make your displays a lot more informative very quickly.

Creating an app

Go to the β€œApps” tab in Lumicast. If you have no apps, you will immediately be directed to the App Store:

Lumicast App Store
Lumicast App Store

Select the app you want to create. For this example we will pick the RSS feed app.

It will open up with default data:

RSS Feed default data
RSS Feed default data

On the right hand side you can change all the variables that build up this app. On the left you will see all changes you do update in real-time. You can play around with the settings to make it perfect for your situation.

In some apps you will see a link at the top β€œHow does this app work? Read this article”: refer to this if you are unsure what certain settings do or how the app works entirely.

Using the app

After creating the app, you can use the app inside pages, or set the app directly to your displays.

Editing app inside a page

When you add an app to a page, you can position it how you want. If you are unhappy about what the app is showing, you can edit the app from within the page:

Edit button to edit app in a page
Edit button to edit app in a page

This allows you to stay within the context of your page and still edit your app.

Suggesting new apps ideas

We are always happy to investigate new ideas we can add to the app store. Please send us an email ( with your suggestion and some reasoning why.

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